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To me freedom means i can do what i want,i can go where i want even though its late and i can do things of my choices,i can walk on road alone because i feel i am safe. Saffron-Indicating strength and courage White-Indicating peace and truth Ashokachakra-dharma Green-Fertility and growth of the country 15th August 1947 was the day the tri colour was first raised and independent India was born. We got freedom after alot of struggle and sacrifices. Apart from our country's independence we also deserve to feel independent ourself. Everyone has the right to live with dignity,free from fear and operssion,free to express themselves. Women have issues specific to themselves,there can be many several reasons for a long break into her career,but she needs to overcome such phases of life,plan your financial independence well in advance. From the time she is a fetus,illegal sex determination tests are carried out for selective abortions. Girl child gets less to eat,forced to stay at home and taught household chores rather than being sent to school. First step towards making them independent is to educate them and make them feel proud of being a girl. Don't wait for someone else to notice your hard work.Reward your own self for every small achievement that you make. In our country girls get raped,harassed,physically and mentally torchered and now its time to make those cowards realise that you're not less than boys. SPEAK UP FOR YOUR SELF GIRLS

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