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How to be lively and refreshed in the morning¿

Develop a daily routine that makes you maintain your healthiest diet even when you feel tired. Adults should sleep for atleast 8-10 hours.Childrens should sleep for 9-10 hours. Getting less sleep than you need can lead to severe headache and dark circles. Avoid waking up in the middle of your sleep.Try to keep the same bed time and same waking up time. Sleeping in dark room?Close the curtains and doors,avoid lights while sleeping.Read a book instead of your phone,Tv. You can go for ear plugs if you have too much noise in your room.Avoid your phone as it expose you to light and contains distraction that keeps you awake during your sleep. Wear a sleep mask if you don't want to keep your room dark. Dance,ride a bike,walk or take yourself to gym.Get yourself daily exercises that will help your body to rest at night. Do not exercise before going to bed. Quit smoking,drinking,tobacco as these things are injurious to health. Eat your final meal few hours before your bedtime so that hunger doesn't interrupts your sleep. Do not drink water before few hours of your bed time,go for herbal time,milk and healthy beverages in evening. Take only 30 minutes nap in a day so that you sleep properly in your bed time.Take early morning sunlight as it give you vitamin D.In fact, it’s vitamin D production in the skin in and of itself that may be responsible for the bulk of sunlight exposure’s overall health benefits. Too much uv rays are also harmful. When bare skin gets exposed to sunlight (without sunscreen), amazing things happen. Pigments in our skin, called melanin, absorb the UV rays from sunlight. These are stored, processed into new hormone-like compounds by the liver, and then used for important bodily functions later.

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