Monday, 22 Oct 18

I love blogging

I am pursuing fyjc and i am very passionate bout lifestyle,fashion and beauty hacks.I love doing fusions with clothes and makeup.As soon as i finished my boards i started exploring my hacks through instagram,snapchat,facebook because i started loving blogging but sometimes i felt like i don't have time because of studies and clg.I started shooting once in a week and posted pictures on instagram through which i started getting collaborations,became beauty influencer for @kult,working with @winkl and now its been 5 months of creating contents for my family,spreading my creative looks and happiness through blog. I wake up early and motivate my own self for the upcoming daily challenges.I never give up on doing great things no matter how difficult it would get for me to do it.It's really very difficult to manage studies,shoots,time for yourself and family but i am still doing it because it makes me happy and satisfied,now i am loving this and enjoying it throughout.Whenever i am feeling low i write,i blog and i am back to normal again.Whenever i get bad comments like-you're so slim,you look like skeleton or something i don't take it in a negative way,i take it as a challenge and post more pictures for my dear haters to hate me even more.

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